Monday, 13 December 2010

Berwaldhallen concert on P2 right now....

The Lucia concert by the Nacka music class and Salem is being broadcast right now on Swedish Radio's P2 channel -

Of course I'm sitting in front of the computer and enjoying this beautiful choral music...and looking forward to hearing Salem!

EDIT 19:45 (UK time): what a wonderful concert!

Set list - songs played by Salem and the band:

1. Good Song
2. It's Only You
3. Brooklyn Sun
4. Astronaut
5. Hymn
6. Keep On Walking

Salem began with a more jazzy interpretation of "Good Song" where he was successfully accompanied by the choir - is there any musical setting where this man's music doesn't work??? - and what a stunning piano solo too.

Next was "It's Only You" - Salem's vocals on this were so sweet and tender that I was reduced to a quivering wreck ;) and it was, in my opinion, one of the best versions of this song that I've ever heard him do.

"Brooklyn Sun" - a very special song, and even more special when played in the piano-version. We all know that Salem is a terrific singer, but his vocals keep getting better and better!

"Astronaut" - yet another faultless version of a perfect song.

"Hymn" - this song always makes me cry, and it did again tonight. Salem has rarely played this song live, so it was a particular highlight to hear such a beautiful, moving song which seemed to fit the mood of this type of concert.

Salem then introduced his always-wonderful band - Nisse, Jakob and Adam - then they launched into their final song, which of course was "Keep On Walking" which began with a jazzy, reggae feel and brought the set to a triumphant end before the Nacka choir returned for the final part of a beautiful and very emotional concert.

If you missed the show, or if you just want to listen to it over and over again like I do, go to and click on the link 'P3 Live Klassiskt - Luciakonsert från Berwaldhallen'.


Fredrik P och F said...

I REALLY agree with that thing about "Brooklyn Sun" on piano. At Dalhalla, I just wept and wept!

Now to listen to this Lucia thing =)

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Oh Fredrik, I think you may start crying again because my eyes were filling up a few times tonight - I always get so moved by "Brooklyn Sun" anyway, so it doesn't take much :) it starts off with the guitar and then goes into the piano version. The best version of all is, of course, with an orchestra!

"It's Only You" was also very touching, as was "Astronaut" and then when it came around to "Hymn" I was just blubbing like a baby!

Let me know what you thought of the concert - Salem's set starts at 18 minutes in and lasts for about 28 minutes. Enjoy!!

Fredrik P och F said...

No, wait... I think he did it with the guitar at Dalhalla. The thing that got me crying (apart from Salem's "fervor", singing it) was the wonderful horn arrangement!

Great to hear you also shed a few tears =) I'm at "Brooklyn" now, will let you know my thoughts later. And yeah, he really picked out the ballads for this one!

Fredrik P och F said...

'Twas a most fine concert =D

I really, really liked the version of "Hymn", since the song is so beautiful. It must be wonderful with a symphony orchestra!

And it's great to hear that he has settled in some really nice live arrangements of the other songs - the ending of "Astronaut", for example.