Thursday, 11 November 2010

New interview in Helsingborgs Dagblad

Check out this new interview with Salem in Helsingborgs Dagblad:

In the interview with Magnus Ransheim, Salem reveals that he finally got two weeks' vacation, for the first time in ten years!

Salem also talks about receiving the award for the most played song of the year on Swedish radio, and how hearing his music on commercial radio was another part of his 'year-long experiment': he said that while he was in a "bubble" he had rarely heard "Keep On Walking" on the radio, but now he's had more chance to listen, he describes it as 'fairly new and fresh'. As in previous interviews, Salem reiterates how happy he was not to have won Melodifestivalen as he would never have had the time to do all the other things he wanted to do.

Salem enjoyed playing at the gala concert before Victoria and Daniel's wedding, and the interviewer rewinds to an HD interview at the time of the release of "This Is Who I Am", when Salem said it was his dream to play in front of 25,000 people at Malmöfestivalen - and that dream came true this summer: "where we could see if we have done the job right or not, and I can definitely feel pride in what I did at that show....but you increase your dreams and goals all the time".

When asked if he will continue in the electronic/synthpop style of "Ignore This", Salem replied "...I've always liked to sit and tinker with my music....I know myself that I want to do a lot in this direction, I like the sound and want to work further with it."

And as for the "mysterious" Damien Adore, Salem reveals that he produced a song in 2000 and "has done a lot of music which nobody has heard. He appeared on the P3 Guldgalan, but otherwise, it has been very hush hush-around him....the focus has been on his buddy, ha ha ha. Joking aside, it has been very nice to have an alter ego, because it meant that I have been able to write very different things. Now perhaps it is time to see where Damien Adore can go. The sound on "Ignore This" has existed in his name for a couple of years."

Finally, in response to Salem declining to appear on TV4's big hit show ”Så mycket bättre" Salem sets the record straight: "I heard that I would have declined because I was burnt-out. It is interesting that most professions have a five-week vacation. I have a job where you never really can have a vacation, but at the same time, nobody can say that we never get to take a break. I simply didn't have the time."
Glad that he's finally had a holiday after all these years!

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