Saturday, 13 November 2010

Helsingborgs Dagblad review of Salem at The Tivoli, Helsingborg

Review by Hannes Grönberg at

It's a two star review, in which the reviewer seems unhappy with Salem's new, electronic musical direction, and the new versions of old/more recent material. " example is "Dream Girl", where the luxury orchestrated soul pop is exchanged for electronic drum kit and electric piano. It is a brave version indicating a high integrity, but that sounds more new than good".

The reviewer goes on to say: "Salem Al Fakir talks about club music, but its sights are set wrong and the result lands closer to the Eurovision Song Contest than dance pop bands such as Hot Chip and Junior Boys." ...."the main character also makes a controlled impact with sparse dancing and the big hair hidden under a knitted cap....there are moments when the pent-up joy breaks through...but the highlights are sabotaged by blunder as on "This Is For" where the singer raps with a robotic voice while I find it increasingly difficult to believe that he knows what he's doing."

The reviewer ends by saying "Somewhat unexpectedly, the Melodifestivalen song "Keep on Walking" is the concert's finest moment. It is not hip and not at all clubby, but has a peculiar atmosphere of moonlight and adventure. It is also the only time in the evening when the ambition coincides entirely with the result. "

What do you think? If you were there, did you agree with any of the points made in this review?

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