Friday, 3 September 2010

Uppsala Nya Tidning's review of last night's show

Andreas Jakobsson in Uppsala Nya Tidning gives a three-star review of last night's show at Katalin, at

The reviewer highlights that Salem does not appear to be as spontaneous on stage as he used to be, that "the hare-brained ideas are toned down (from three years ago when the reviewer saw two concerts by Salem)...On stage he is concentrating more on music and less on being wonderfully crazy".

At the end of the article the reviewer notes that "As an artist he has generally become more difficult to grasp. He is not the guy who laughs through an entire interview or walks around with a grin on his face all the time anymore. He is more like a mainstream artist who makes unusual music for ordinary people, and often becomes too comfortable where he sits behind the piano...when he presents a little derailment in the ironic "I'm So Happy" there is a longing to come back to the artist who did something unexpected a little too often".

He may not be as "crazy" as he used to be, but I was just wondering about one thing - is Salem still leaping off his piano stool at the end of "Keep On Walking"? (I've seen some video clips on YouTube of him doing this and I get so worried sometimes that he'll get hurt!!)


Lovisa said...

he does still jump from the piano stool in the end of keep on walking! :D
i was at the seacond preformance in uppsala at katalin last night, and salem simply made sure to inform us all that what the writer had registred as insecurity was his personality! then followed some going through different poses he might happen to do during the night that could seem as uncomfortableness. it was so much fun, and the concert was a m a z i n g! + i got a really cool tee with salem dressed up in a weird costume, hat, glasses and a big mustache and then a green text " ignore this". i love it. do you have one? :)
hugs Lovisa

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Hi Lovisa :)

That must have been an amazing concert :D Whenever I read reviews I sometimes feel that the reviewers just don't "get" Salem - unlike the fans, who do!

I love it when he jumps from the piano stool, but I still worry that he might get hurt!

Ah yes, that T-shirt, that's the Damien Adore one isn't it! I don't have any Salem T-shirts yet but will try and get at least one if/when I come back over to Sweden to see him play live again in the future.