Friday, 3 September 2010

The tour is almost over....

This weekend, Salem's long summer tour finally comes to an end. It's been great fun all through the summer, writing about the tour, posting your comments and reading your emails.

And after the tour, Salem will now get that well-earned break - he deserves it and of course I hope he takes a nice long "time out" but being the workaholic that he is, it won't be long till he's back at work, as he's mentioned in a few recent interviews that he'll be writing some new music soon. Which is great news for all of us, but I just hope that he gets a good rest before going back to work!

Of course, things will also get a bit quieter here at Planet Salem after next week as there won't be so much to report, but this blog "keeps on walking" :) so if you have any reviews, pictures etc that you would like me to publish on here, please email them to me. Also if you have any ideas for polls and other fun features, please let me know! :)


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