Sunday, 22 August 2010

Dalhalla poster question

I was thinking about Salem's Dalhalla show today (well I haven't really thought about much else, to be honest).

Remember back in June this year, Salem ran a competition to find 10 faces to appear on the poster for the concert.

Did anyone see the poster? I was curious to see what it looked like, as I haven't found any pictures of it anywhere, and I was wondering if any of the lucky winners were Planet Salem readers!!


Anna said...

Well during the production, Salem and his "crew" decided the poster would fit perfectly for the upcoming fall tour rather the the Dalhalla event. It will be published shortly so we need to hang in there for while, with great anticipation and excitement don't we :-)

But... I can spill the beans a bit: rest assuered it will be fabulous! How can it not be when featuring things like a burgundy airline uniform hat ;-) I am one of the lucky ones so that much I know (haven't seen it yet myself)!

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Hi Anna,

Great to hear from you - congratulations, and I can't wait to see the poster. That burgundy hat sounds very interesting indeed :)

An upcoming tour - now this is very exciting news!

Anna said...

Thanks Laura! It was a big happy surprise to be one of the chosen ones and I had a fantastic time at Dalhalla (the prize) - the show was absolutly outstanding in all ways possible!!! And the person in question aka Salem was a true darling at the brief meet and greet prior to the show.

I think they plan to release the tour dates in early September... One would imagine the poster should be published at the same time (hopefully "we" lucky ones get a sneak preview)

It will look fantastic, the burgundy hat of mine ;-) Eva has given me an alter ego when wearing the uniform and hat: Miss Adore !!

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Wow Anna - or should I now call you Miss Adore (I love that!) I'm really delighted to hear that you got to meet Salem - he always has a lot of time for his fans. He is such a lovely person isn't he! (As well as being a complete musical genius).

Looking forward to seeing where he will be playing on the tour, although I won't be able to make it over there again this year and will have to wait until 2011 :(

Eva said...

Nice to see you here, Anna :) ...sorry; Miss Adore, of course! :)

Anna said...

Eva: Miss Adore for you, Miss Anna of Sweden for others... ;-)

(Brief explanation for you Laura: I was ones referred to by a passanger as 'Miss Anna of Sweden' - how fantastic is that!)

Fingers crossed, Laura, you'll be able to see a show early next year :-)

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Miss Anna of Sweden: yes that is fantastic and that's what you shall be known as from now on!!

Yes I'm still hoping to get over next year although I can't come over till at least March or April. Which airline do you work for? I've flown with SAS and Ryanair in the past to Sweden and was just wondering!

Anna said...

Laura, I'm on temporary leave until April next year from SAS (cabin crew based in Copenhagen but do actually live in Stockholm). So at the moment I'm with Qatar Airways on an Airport Services Agent (check-in/gate passanger service) position at Copenhagen Airport.

Been in the business for ages (10+ years), so lots of funny uniform hats in all shapes and colours has been seen on my head ;-)