Sunday, 1 August 2010

Audience participation!

As you know, I love hearing from every single one of you, Planet Salem readers, whether you leave comments or send emails.

Now I'm going to take things a little bit further....perhaps you'd like to write a concert review for Planet Salem? Or maybe you'd like to share some pictures which you've taken at a concert?

(I'll be particularly interested in reviews and pictures from the Dalhalla show, as I'll be devoting a lot of coverage to this show and would welcome all your contributions!)

Anyway, talking of concert photography, we've already got our first guest contributor - check out the next post!!


Eva said...

Hey Laura!
I'd be glad to take some notes at Dalhalla, after all I'm gonna have a seat there which makes it easier :) I know you are very much looking forward to this special concert and I'll try to give you some kind of review, of each song, I mean!

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Looking forward to that! Hope you get a good view of the stage - will you be near the stage or further back?

I've been watching some clips of other acts at Dalhalla on YouTube and it looks like an amazing venue.