Sunday, 1 August 2010

New poll: What's your all-time favourite Salem song?

Regular readers will know that there have been previous polls on Planet Salem for you to choose your favourite tracks from all of his three albums released to date.'s now time for you to choose your all-time favourite Salem song! There are 20 songs to choose from and as usual you can vote for one, or more, or all of them if you want :)

The 20 songs are made up of the 6 songs from each album which received the most votes in previous polls, along with two "wild cards" - two songs by Salem which have not featured on any of his albums - "All Day Love" and "Backseat".

I was originally going to run this poll until the end of September, but I changed my mind and it's now only going to run until 31st August when I'll post the results and publish your all-time top 20 favourite Salem songs. At which time I'll also post my own Salem top 20, and we can compare the differences :)

Get voting now!!

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