Thursday, 6 May 2010

Platens Bar, Linköping tonight - discuss it here!

Salem will be playing at Platens Bar in Linköping tonight. If you're going, enjoy the show!

This is the comments post for the show so if you have any comments you want to make about the concert, please leave your comments here.

Thanks everyone!


Eva said...

Hi Laura!
I have put a small note about this in the Facebook log. Hope someone wants to share their Linköping adventure!

P.S. Is the translation I sent you OK, the language, I mean? Haven't got any reply from you.

EuropeCrazy said...

Hej Eva!!

Yes I've just been to the Facebook page and saw this - that is so kind of you! Please say hello to all Salem's "Facebookers" from me - you and all the "regulars" put so much time and work into that site and I love it :)

I'm going to open up a comments post for every one of Salem's upcoming shows so that anyone who was there can post their views and comments.

Sorry I didn't get back to you about the translation, it's been quite a busy week and I'm only just getting around to replying to emails etc - I will get better at it, I promise :)) The translation is absolutely perfect and I posted it earlier tonight, however then had a problem with publishing my post so I'm going to try it again just now.

I bet you are so excited about going to see Salem this weekend! Of course you will need to tell me all about it :)

Eva said...

I'll say hi to the "regulars" :) Some of us will even meet tomorrow - Madelene, Veronika and myself will meet up at Berns tomorrow. It will be fun to get to spend some time IRL after all this chattering!

No worries, I've also been kind of busy so I completely understand about emails and so on ... I saw you had posted the translation, that's nice, thanks :)

Yes, I'm really excited about tomorrow! It will be one of the best Saturdays in a loooong, long time, no doubt :) And you bet I'll get back with some of my impressions, at least on Sunday!

EuropeCrazy said...

Eva...I am soooooo excited for you about tonight! I think it's great that you are going to meet up with some of the other regulars. I wish I could meet up with you all too! but of course I'm stuck over here, so we'll all just have to keep "meeting" online I guess. Anyway I hope you and the gang have a fantastic time, I'm sure you will :)))

Anonymous said...

My very favourite of the three shows I have been to! The tempo was absolutely fierce! Salem was in great shape! The venue was much better than last year, but the show felt a bit short since there was no opening act. We just had to wait for an hour and a half and then Salem played for about an hour. Great show regardless!


Here's the setlist from the show at Platens in Linköping:

1 Red Rock
2 Cold Shower
3 It's Only You (part II)
4 Roxy
5 4 O'Clock
6 Brooklyn Sun
7 Astronaut
8 Good Song
9 Virgin Mary
10 Dream Girl
11 Backseat
12 It's True
13 Keep On Walking
14 I'm So Happy