Thursday, 11 March 2010

Swedish media roundup, Thursday 11.03.2010

Firstly, an interview which gives a fascinating insight into the business of Salem's music...

A brief article from Chic magazine (which will be in the shops this week) and some nice pictures from Salem's photoshoot...

Album Reviews

Erik Süss in Arbetarbladet awards three stars and says that "I'm So Happy" is the album's strongest track. Review at

Anders Tapola in Smålandsposten awards 3 stars and says: "the multi-talented musician has this time literally thrown out all the instruments of the studio...but it is still ultimately a bit too cold and clinical, among all the ones and zeros...clearly the best track is "Keep On Walking". A brain worm impossible to get out of my head right now".

A Norwegian review now - Rune Slyngstad at awards 3 stars: "He has not completely lost his grip on writing and performing delicate and sophisticated pop....but the album is uneven...Salem Al Fakir has lost a bit of freshness, style and elegance and his grip on the good tunes that he had before". Review at

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