Thursday, 11 March 2010

New poll! What's your favourite track on "Ignore This"?

If you remember, following the release of "Astronaut" last year I ran a poll on this site where you could vote for your favourite track.

Well it's poll time once again! It's time for all you lovely Planet Salem readers to have your say and choose your favourite track on "Ignore This". I'll keep the poll running for the next two months so there's plenty of time to vote.

As usual, you can vote for one track, or more...or all of them if you want! :)))


Pranav said...

is the entire track "Virgin Mary" as good as the clip on Amazon?

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Pranav!

I don't know as I haven't got my CD yet, but it certainly sounds very catchy and radio-friendly!

(By the way, sorry I haven't emailed you back yet - it's been the busiest week ever but I will get around to responding to my emails, I promise!)

Eva said...

Absolutely. It's better!

Pranav said...

No worries Laura!!! Take your time. No rush whatsoever.

@Eva: Your comments sounds promising. Now I have to check out the whole track.