Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Swedish charts update

After just one day of sales on Swedish iTunes, here are the top 10 selling singles (courtesy of As you can see, Salem is at no.6.

1. This Is My Life – Anna Bergendahl
2. You're Out of My Life – Darin
3. Manboy – Eric Saade
4. Kom – Timoteij
5. Hollow – Peter Jöback
6. Keep on Walking – Salem Al Fakir
7. Unstoppable (The Return of Natalie) – Ola
8. Headlines – Alcazar
9. Human Frontier – Neo
10. Jag vill om du vågar – Pernilla Wahlgren

EDIT 02.03.10: Thanks to Maria for the info that "Keep On Walking" is now at no. 3 on the Swedish iTunes singles chart today:

(Sorry Maria, something went wrong when I was trying to publish your post).


Maria said...

Today, Salem is number 3 on Itunes:

Anonymous said...

It's now on 2:nd place. Keep in mind - The other songs where available from iTunes saturday, Keep On Walking from monday morning. 2 days less, and furthermore it's more expensive than the others 12:- vs 9:-.
Go Salem!