Monday, 1 March 2010

Other bloggers talking about Salem...

I found this blog post tonight so I thought I would share it with you:

I thought it was very funny and I love their suggestion that if Salem wins Melodifestivalen, the end of the video should be edited to include his winning performance, the ticker-tape and the photographers!

The video also gets a mention at the always excellent Scandipop, which has been very supportive of Salem and 'Keep On Walking' since week 1 of the contest:

Thanks again to Richard who's also been supporting Salem at Pop Love Dance: - he's got a very good singles chart going there, with none other than "Backseat" at no.1 and "Keep On Walking" at no.3 whilst "Astronaut" is at no.9 in his albums list.

If you're blogging about Salem let me know and I'll give you a mention here!

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Melodimen said...

Thanks for the mention!

Good luck to Salem - 'Keep on walking' to Oslo!