Friday, 26 March 2010

Hello from Gothenburg!!

Yes we made it!

Arrived in Gothenburg yesterday evening - pleasantly surprised that the weather is milder and not as cold as I expected it to be.

It feels like I'm 'home' again, at least in my spiritual musical home once again ;) "A year goes by, nothing has changed and you wonder why"... back seeing all the old haunts, restaurants and bars, the beautiful scenery and the beautiful people of course!

This morning I was listening to all the Swedish radio stations and finally heard "Keep On Walking" on Mix Megapol, where there was also an interview with Salem so I got even more excited ;)

Right now I'm in a little internet cafe called Sidewalk Express, checking my emails and, well, blogging!!

If you are all going to the show tonight then I just know that you will be in for an absolute treat.
There are some other things I need to do so I´ll keep this post brief - but it's just great to be able to sit on a Friday morning in March in Gbg..... and look forward to yet another of the best nights of my life.

Tonight at 9.00 in the Konserthuset!!!!!

Further updates to follow....

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Eva said...

Hi Laura! Guess you're sitting there in Konserthuset now :) Enjoy!