Monday, 8 February 2010

Salem on SVT's "Gomorron Sverige" 08.02.10

As Salem 'keeps on walking' on his journey from Ö-vik to Globen, Planet Salem will be following him every step of the way! Needless to say there will be lots of TV appearances and interviews between now and then.

On Monday 8th February, Salem was interviewed at 7.45 am on "Gomorron Sverige", SVT's breakfast show. If you missed the interview then, it is available to watch again at

I managed to understand some of it, but as usual it would be much appreciated if one of my lovely friends could translate it for me :)))

And as usual, I've been busy with my camera again - here are some screencaps from the show.

You will probably all agree with me that Salem is one of Sweden's best-dressed and most stylish men - he certainly was the most stylish on Melodifestivalen! - and I loved his smart-casual look on this morning show :)


Maria said...

Här ser han ju verkligen ut som Karl-Bertil Johnsson! Föör söt alltså

Anonymous said...

Han är jättelik sin far på den första bilden