Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Melodifestivalen-effect

Although we will have to wait a while longer before we can buy "Keep On Walking" (it won't be available until 3rd March) it will be interesting to see if Salem's Melodifestivalen appearance will impact upon sales of his previous albums/singles.

The answer is...yes. Checked the Swedish iTunes albums chart today to find "Astronaut" is at no.12 whilst "This Is Who I Am" is at no. 66.

Meanwhile "Backseat" by Staygold featuring Spank Rock and Damien Adore, is no. 7 in the Swedish iTunes singles chart whilst it was a new entry in the Sverige Topplistan singles chart this week at no.19.


Maria said...

Hi! I've managed to converte a youtube clip of Keep On Walking into an mp3 file.

(SVT tar bort alla finalbidrag som läggs upp på YouTube fram tills själva finalen...)

E-mail me if you want Salems latest masterpiece Keep On Walking!


Maria said...

oh and.. I've also got the Live version of Backseat, it's better than the studio version!

Katja said...

Hej Maria!

Skulle jag kunna få Keep on Walking mailat till mig? Jag hittar den ingenstans och den är ju såå bra! Tack på förhand/Katja

Anonymous said...

Asbolut, har skickat nu!

Ifall det är nån annan som inte vill skriva sin mail här kan ni ta min

Eva said...

Jag tar väldigt gärna emot både Keep on walking och liveversionen av Backseat! Tack på förhand!