Thursday, 21 January 2010

An urgent request about Gothenburg Konserthuset show in March!

If anyone from Salem's management/booking agents is reading this then can you please get in touch with me? I urgently need to know if the concert at the Gothenburg Konserthuset is still going ahead on 26th March. I am planning to come over and see this concert but as you know I live outside Sweden and therefore need to know if it is going ahead (as it has not been officially announced) before I can book flights and hotel etc. Time is moving on quickly and I'd like to know what's happening :)

(I had wondered if there was any possibility that the show may be cancelled due to Salem's commitments around Melodifestivalen?)

Also if you are a regular reader of Planet Salem, can any of you let me know if you have booked tickets and are going to this show.

Thanks for your help!



pommelo said...

Hi, the show is march 26. You can by tickets at

as you can see the tickets are only avaible at , not

If you wonder something more? just ask me.
(Sorry my bad english)

Anonymous said...

The show is on.