Saturday, 16 January 2010

Melodifestivalen - Salem third favourite!

Sadly, Salem didn't win any awards at last night's Grammisgalan; as usual there was very strong competition which yet again proves how great the music scene in Sweden is at the moment. Congratulations to all the winners!

We now turn our attention to Melodifestivalen. Three weeks from tonight, Salem will be taking the stage in Ornskoldsvik in the first heat of this year's competition.

I came across some betting odds on the internet for this year's MF which has Darin as favourite to win, then Peter Jöback....and Salem as third favourite to win!

From an editorial point of view (and remember, this is only my view) - I can't predict how well Salem will do at Melodifestivalen. Of course I would love Salem to win, but I'm realistic enough to know that Melodifestivalen is a world of its own! I've followed the contest for many years and there are certain acts/songwriters who will maybe do better in that contest than in the critical or commercial music sphere, or vice versa. For example, acts like Alcazar, Andreas Johnson, Ola and Jessica Andersson, and songwriters like Fredrik Kempe are all established Melodifestivalen favourites so they may have an advantage, but there are also very popular artists like the long-established Peter Jöback and the more recently successful Darin competing, so it's anyone's contest. My own feeling is that win or lose, MF 2010 will be the perfect chance for Salem to showcase his musical talent to a wider Swedish and international audience.

The countdown starts here....


Maria said...

I'm so excited! I'll vote for him till my fingers burn =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

Here comes a tip for your site:

I saw a commercial on TV 3 that Salem will be in a show called "Blåsningen". It's the swedish version of "candid camera". It will be aired on tv 3. I think Salem will be on the show on january 24 . You can probably watch it on tv 3:s website afterwards. Its a show where famous swedish personalities are put in crazy situations while they are being filmed by hidden cameras. I think it will be really funny. Thanks for a nice website!

Greetings Sofie

Anonymous said...

Seen this?

EuropeCrazy said...

Yes I've seen it now....and I completely love it.