Sunday, 6 December 2009

New interview with Salem in Dagens Nyheter

There is a long, detailed and very interesting interview with Salem in Dagens Nyheter today which can be found at

I was very happy to see Salem's description of his new music as more "playful" and that he feels a lot of people are still not familiar with his music and that he's still got work to do to reach a new audience.

Interviewer Ingrid Carlberg first met Salem prior to the release of "This Is Who I Am" and she draws some good contrasts and comparisons between the old and new Salem and how the last three years have changed him.

In the interview Salem also said that his brothers Ayman and Sami will be part of the orchestra at Berwaldhallen this week, and that Salem has written and arranged a piece for violin and tuba which he and Sami will play at the show. All other songs have been arranged by Hans Ek.

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