Friday, 17 July 2009

Obscure Sound's review of "Astronaut"

I thought I'd mention this rather great review of "Astronaut" which you can find at

The writer seems to completely sum up everything that is wonderful about this album, and also makes a few very interesting points during the review.

Well done! I love it when other bloggers spread the word about Salem :)


Mike Mineo said...

thanks for the mention laura!

salem is indeed something special. it makes sense that he recently played for swedish royalty (which is a fact i did not know before visiting your fantastic site).

it shouldn't be too long before the rest of the western world catches up to sweden. as an american, i hope that the recent volvo commercial will increase his exposure. what a great selection for a car commercial too!

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks Mike for your lovely comments, I'm really glad you like the site.

And I agree, "It's Only You (Part II)" is so much better than the usual boring music in all those car commercials :)