Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Jönköping in July, and a couple of appearances from this week

As Sweden is holding the EU presidency, there will be a meeting of ministers responsible for employment, social policy, health and consumer affairs in Jönköping, which will take place between 6th and 9th July. But what does this have to do with Salem, I hear you ask? Well, to celebrate this event there will be some entertainment being provided on a big stage at the harbour...and Salem will be one of the acts appearing there on Monday 6th July. Those ministers are in for a treat!

Salem appeared at a couple of events this week - on Monday 15th he and his band played at the season-opening of Lisa på Udden on Djurgarden, which was a star-studded celebrity event. Pictures from this event can be found at

Then on Tuesday 16th June Salem played at a party to celebrate the first birthday of CHIC which is (correct me if I'm wrong) a showbiz/fashion magazine. If you go to you'll find pictures of all the usual Swedish celebrities....but of course this blogger is only interested in the three pictures of Salem, who was looking nice and stylish as ever.

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