Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Gothenburg, March 2010....

Salem's Berwaldhallen shows in December - which I exclusively revealed on Planet Salem at the end of May - have now been officially announced in a press release today.

However I can reveal another exclusive today!!

Salem will be playing the Gothenburg Konserthuset with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra on Friday 26th March 2010. Tickets for this show are not yet on sale, (see below) but check out for more info. This should be an amazing event - and I'm going to try and get over there to see this show (although it will depend on flight availability and whether I can get time off work).

Is anyone going to Berwaldhallen this year? Unfortunately I can't make it, but I'm determined to return to Gothenburg to see Salem again!!

EDIT 17.06.09: I've read that press release with the tour dates and it says at the end "more gigs to follow" - presumably that will include Gothenburg? I've also been wondering if Salem will be playing any shows outside Sweden in 2009/2010, or will he just continue to tour Sweden?

(And yes, I'm still impatiently waiting for Salem's big international launch/breakthrough .....!)

As ever, if anyone knows anything, please please please drop me an email!!

EDIT 29.06.09: Tickets for Gothenburg Konserthuset go on sale at on 29th August 2009. (I presume they will also be available via Ticnet?)


Anonymous said...

I want to
and will most probably (!)
go to Berwaldhallen.
I was there last year - it was fantastic!
And this years combination "Salem and Jojje" makes it even more interesting!

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Kajsa! I'm so happy for you - I'm sure it will be as fantastic as last year, maybe even more so. I'm not really familiar with Jojje's work but I've heard lots of good things about him so I'll need to check him out.

The more I think about it, the more determined I am to go to Salem's symphonic concert in Gothenburg...I won't be able to confirm it till nearer the end of this year but I really want to make it happen!