Monday, 20 April 2009

Uppsala concert review in Uppsala Nya Tidning

There's a review of last Friday's concert at Katalin, Uppsala at,1826,MC=5-AV_ID=896876,00.html

Reviewer Andreas Jakobsson said that he saw two of Salem's concerts during the same tour, two years ago, and was amazed that both concerts were different and spontaneous.

He went on to comment that Salem's curly hair has grown out a bit since the album was released, reminiscent of Salem Al Fakir from the past, before he started calling himself just Salem. He said that Salem's excess energy is now gone, with the focus now on the music; Internal Dread's live mixing offers a surprise extra dimension without making too much impact. The reviewer noted that "Bluest Eyes" was the evening's highest peak, and he also highlighted Robert Östlund's fierce guitar solo on the song. The reviewer stated that there was a carnival atmosphere in the packed Katalin club on Friday night. He described Salem as exuding cool rock star, mother-in-law's dream and crazy music professor all in one, but noted the hard discipline behind the mask.

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