Monday, 20 April 2009

Stockholm Cirkus review in Svenska Dagbladet

OK catch-up time starts now...

Kristin Lundell in Svenska Dagbladet was at Cirkus in Stockholm and gave the concert 3 out of 5. Find the review at

Translation time ...
New album 'Astronaut'...displays a more thoughtful and mature side of Salem....perhaps not as family-friendly in its atmosphere, but enough for the teenage girls to celebrate the enthusiasm of the cute pop hit 'Astronaut'. Backed by his four-strong band - strings are prerecorded - Salem makes a surprisingly soft start, but fortunately, it takes only a few songs, until the first tracks from This is who I am before it tightens up, and 'Dream Girl', 'Good Song' and 'It's True' beds feelgood-feeling in Cirkus in fluffy cotton candy clouds. The 27-year-old multi-instrumentalist,wearing a white shirt, white trousers and matching braces looking like a character role in an old film, marches and moves happily along the stage. His famous hairstyle has begun to grow again, and he switches between playing the piano and guitar or stands in front at the stage edge with microphone in hand. Guitar rock mixed with piano driven soulpop and an unreleased song where Al Fakir is alone on acoustic guitar. It is a pleasant friendly concert and Salem Al Fakir is undoubtedly an equally charming and talented artist. But I wonder where the almost uncontrollable and contagious energy has gone. After forty-five minutes have Salem Al Fakir already played all his hits and a dozen songs too. With additional numbers the concert was an hour long, and then he gives his band members a hug, and then happily leaves the stage".

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