Sunday, 19 April 2009

Saturday 18th April 2009: The best night of my life.

Regular readers of Planet Salem would know that I was going to Gothenburg on Friday. What you wouldn't have known was that the story wasn't over....

For just when I thought it couldn't get any better for me, something exciting happened, out of the blue on Thursday email from Salem, asking me to contact his tour manager to arrange to meet him on Saturday!!

So I made my contact and it was agreed that I would meet Salem before his show on Saturday night. Here's my backstage pass....!

I thought he might only have time for a quick chat - but we ended up chatting for 45 minutes, we asked each other questions and shared lots of stories and it was a complete pleasure spending time in his company. I found Salem to be a warm, friendly, polite, down to earth and extremely kind person with a great sense of humour. And of course he was totally adorable too!

I was completely touched by his appreciation of the work I've done with Planet Salem; I'm just so happy that Salem enjoys reading my blog and that he has made it part of his official website.

Salem also introduced me to Robert, David and Nisse from his excellent live band - it was great to meet you guys!

I took my copy of "Astronaut" over with me and asked Salem to sign it, which he did. Like everything else he does, even his signature is unique and distinctive!

Before leaving, I asked if I could take Salem's picture as I needed evidence that I met him :) he thought this was quite funny, he mimicked me and said "I need evidence!" anyway here it is! (I've edited the picture a little bit as the dressing room had mirrors all the way round so the photo looked a little surreal to start with).

I will post my full review of the concert tomorrow, as I'm feeling very tired and need to get some sleep. "I can't sleep when all this spinning round" was a most appropriate lyric for me on Saturday night, as I hardly slept at all on Saturday night from all the excitement of meeting Salem and then seeing the greatest concert I've ever been to.

So I'll catch up with all the news tomorrow and there's a few more things I need to mention.

See you tomorrow! :)


Marty said...

Congrats, I am so glad you had a chance to meet him. I can't wait to see the update on the concert. That is so cool!

Linnea said...

Wow!! I think this was the right thing of Salem to do :) You really deserved to meet him after all your writing on the blog!

Take care

EuropeCrazy said...


Yes I am still on a high after meeting was a fantastic experience which I will remember for the rest of my life. Salem really is such a warm and likeable person, I was very nervous before meeting him but he was so kind to me from the minute we met and so easy to talk to - it was like talking to a close friend rather than a famous star!

Poster Girl said...


I can't even imagine how wonderful an experience that must have been for you--it says a lot about him that he wanted you to get to meet him after all the hard work you've put into the site. Congratulations!

kevin (ru) said...

How beautiful! Kudos to Salem for doing this!

josefin said...

Now I'm really jealous! Congrats!
I saw him in Stockholm, and it was amazing.

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks for all your nice messages. Indeed I think it says a lot about Salem that he took the time out to meet me, especially as he was very busy preparing for his show.

I'm still on such a high and I don't think I'll come down from it for a long time to come. :)))

Keira said...

I know I'm really behind in saying this, but Wow! What a great guy, it shows he really does appreciate his fans. I think with all the support you give him, you really deserved to meet him. However, I'm so glad that he found enough time to sit and have a real chat with you and not just meet/autograph/photo/go-type thing.

Oh, and you didnt need to get evidence, hehe. I'm sure we would have believed you :p