Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Ritz, Arvika live review at

And a rather good review it is too:

(Sorry for the delay but I only just found this tonight)

Reviewer Elinor Hägg reported that Salem began with "Twelve Fingers" which "created a lovely environment for a great evening" whilst highlighted the unreleased "Brooklyn Sun" as "a song I hope will have a given place on a future disc".

She went on to say "Salem is making more splendid promises for the future" and that "his development is really in the right direction." In the reviewer's opinion the evening's best song is "It's True", which she describes as "magnificent and majestic", at the centre of a trilogy of songs which closes the concert, beginning with "Dream Girl" then "It's True" and finishing with "Roxy". Salem closed with the traditional end-song encore "Thank You" and then it was all over, but in the reviewer's words "the happy feeling remains for a long time. It's true. Life will smile for you".

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