Wednesday, 15 April 2009

New interview in Göteborgs-Posten

I was particularly interested in reading this one (for obvious reasons): you can find the interview at

In the interview Salem said that it was good to get his hair cut (yes they still have this obsession with the hair!).

The interviewer Emma Casserlöv stated that "it's not only the hair that has changed...musically speaking, it is also a new Salem Al Fakir making an entrance. His new album, "Astronaut", is more cohesive than the debut disc "This is who I am". Perhaps not so surprising since the first album was a miscellany of songs Salem Al Fakir wrote for several years, whereas most of the material for "Astronaut" was produced effectively over six months"

The article continues: "Salem describes his second album as a logical continuation, a Salem, season two ". Referring to playing the new songs live, he said "I do not know how I will behave myself on stage. I do not think I will run around as much".

"Salem Al Fakir likes the Gothenburg audience, which he describes as very open, and he looks forward to setting up on Trädgårn stage on Saturday. He recalls a previous show here at Nefertiti shortly after his first release. - It was a milestone, the audience was wonderful. For the first time I noticed that everyone knew all my lyrics! On stage, he has many times shown a seemingly inexhaustible energy. Ideally, Salem Al Fakir does everything himself; debut disc was a real one-man project, but now he has begun to enlist the help of others. Though he must still have control in order to relax, on stage and in other contexts. - I am sitting on an airplane, I must know where emergency exits are to be safe. "Astronaut" has been described as rock with influences from bands as diverse as AC / DC and Toto. But Salem refuses to try to define his music, does not want to talk genre or message. The text can convey a sense, music is another, and then the person listening can interpret music in a completely different way - which is exactly as it should be. On the new disc is his name only Salem, short. An international launch is imminent and Salem's surname is not easy to pronounce in English. He hopes to get on tour in Europe".

"Mention Salem's boat and his eyes light up. The boat, which he bought along with one of his brothers and a friend, has become a refuge where he can let go of total control. - For the first time I can take 45 minutes out just when I want".

I'm glad Salem likes the Gothenburg audiences: hopefully we won't let him down on Saturday!

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