Monday, 13 April 2009

New interview at

Apologies for the lack of posts over the weekend, my internet connection was down yesterday :(

I found this nice and informative little interview with Salem at

In the interview Salem said that his record collection is still 'non-existent'; he said that most of the ideas for his songs came whilst he was in the car, or on his boat during last summer; he travelled round Värmland on his moped, listening to Django Reinhardt. He didn't write any songs but was fascinated by the beautiful landscape.

Salem also said that he still doesn't listen to music, with few exceptions. "People always try to find references when they need to categorize me, but they fail. Sure, I have musical references somewhere, but when I make music I would not be fed with other music. I try to keep myself away from it. It works well for me".

Finally Salem said that he was a little worried and nervous about the new album, but he is relieved that the new album had been well received. Asked where he gets his inspiration, he replied "Life! Situations arising here and there, you can write music for anything".

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