Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Meanwhile...another Norwegian review of "Astronaut"

There's a review of Salem's new album in Romerikes Blad:

Quick translation of course (what would I do without Google Translate??)

Reviewer Ola Einbu describes Salem as the "good boy in the soul-pop class...he is the artist who does everything; he composes, plays, sings and made the recording and production itself. But he sure can work".

The reviewer goes on to say..."he gives the listeners pop pearls like 'Bluest Eyes' and the film noir-like, orkestrale, fragile and beautiful "Purple Lady". Not to mention of "One of the Others", which just as easily could have been written by Stevie Wonder. Only the name Salem Al Fakir sounds like a party. It is basically what he has to offer also".

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