Tuesday, 28 April 2009


I thought it was time for one of my occasional slightly-off-topic posts about Salem's circle of musical friends.

You may remember that Jesper Lagercrantz (a.k.a. Jeppe Körsbär) and Mats Karlsson were on backing vocals during Salem's recent appearances on "Popcirkus" (SVT) and "Musikplats Stockholm" (SR P4).

Mats is of course a long-time musical collaborator of Salem's as he is a member of FakirKarlsson and H3FK, whilst Jeppe is a member of urban electro-soul outfit Swedish Love Story which also features highly rated Swedish artist Kaah (

I've just discovered some musical collaborations by Jeppe and Mats, two very talented artists, at their MySpace: : "Skylark" is particularly wonderful. I love Jeppe's voice so much I could listen to it all day (that's when I'm not listening to Salem of course).


Anonymous said...

All the tunes from this project are awesome, trust me. I hope they get it released. More OT info - Salem, Mats and Jesper started playing together when Salem, his older brother Nassim and Mats supported a boyband called Tantra consisting of Jesper, Levent and Banji. This was all back when dinosaurs still walked the earth.

EuropeCrazy said...

"When dinosaurs still walked the earth" :))))))

Thanks for the info - I always enjoy finding out new things about Salem and his musical associates! I'm looking forward to hearing more music by Jesper and Mats.