Thursday, 19 March 2009

Salem on SVT2's "Hype" tonight

If you missed this tonight don't worry, because you can see it at Salem's interview starts about 7 minutes into the show and then he's back again later.

Of course my knowledge of spoken Swedish is virtually zero so I didn't really understand any of if anyone could translate what he said in the interview then I would really appreciate this :)))

It was very nice to watch though......I think you will all agree.

Meanwhile if you search over at YouTube you'll find video footage of Salem doing a little classical musical collaboration with REBaroque, which is a trailer for Axess TV's "Det Handlar Om Musik" tomorrow at 20:00. Yet more evidence of Salem's absolute musical versatility.


darkfairy said...

him and that party horn blower hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that was so funny (Keeping neutrality btw L resuming day to day life as normal)
and the hat is always a lovely touch to top off an outfit, i have my share of different colour berets myself so very nice salem haha

salem love

blog65 said...

Hi Laura,

I've just watched the TV interview. It started with a comment on his new hair cut (why is this so important!? :-) and a review of Salem and his first album. He has a Swedish middle name "Lars", in case you didn't know! The interviewer claimed that Salem has "one of Sweden's most brilliant musical brains".

Then: the new album. Salem was a little nervous doing it, but not too much. And he kept his four Grammies out of sight while doing it.

Then we learned that the 20 kg of detergent, used in the Astronaut video, was used for the animation.

And then, the image of Salem as the guy with the big curly hair... how does it feel? Well, Salem didn't mind, except that he sometimes wasn't recognized when he had a different hairdo...

And yes, Salem knows who Anthony Hegarty is... as a man with a "gargly" (as in "gargle") voice!

Salem writes all his music in the car (!), perhaps due to all impressions of the trip... he also remembers most of his compositions.

Salem ate pig meat for a while, so he is called "Little pig" by some of his friends (!).

Finally, I'm sure you'll be able to meet Salem one day... perhaps after the concert in Gothenburg?


EuropeCrazy said...

Yes I liked the party horn blower too - very funny!

I'm not really into him wearing the hats but I guess I'm used to it now - anyway he is just so lovely that it doesn't matter anyway!!

Darkfairy - I'll email you later!! (am at work just now so can't get into my mailbox)

Kjell - thanks for your translation - very nice. Yes they're still talking about the hair, even now it's been cut. Totally agree with the "most brilliant musical brains" comment.

I like that "Little Pig" nickname!!

Of course it would be my dream to meet Salem, but I'm too shy to ask...hoping he'll read this and get in touch!! (Salem.....)