Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Astronaut: release day round-up

Unfortunately I wasn't around tonight to post all the news/reviews, so sorry if they're late but here we go...

Fredrik Fischer in Trelleborgs Allehanda gives the album 3 out of 5, describing it as "a disc full of surprises...the only really bad thing in comparison with the music's high-level are the embarrassing lyrics". (Sorry Mr Fischer but I can't agree with this one - Salem's lyric writing has really matured based on the songs I've heard so far). Full review here.

Nojesguiden next, where Nicholas Ringsk isn't really happy with the album..."nice and pleasant pop songs but nothing more than that". Full review here.

Kristianstadsbladet's Lisa Appelqvist was much more positive, giving the album 4 out of 5. I liked this review - she seems to understand what Salem is all about.."in which a limited number of works reveal the artist's entire width, where no track was similar, and all equal. A musical treasure map for explorers. The only question is if the audience is brave enough to embark on the adventure game. I dare you!" Full review here.

At it's another 4 out of 5 from Peter Carlsson: "perhaps there is no new "Dream girl" or "Good song", but the sequel is very much more equal in quality than its predecessor. You can see that Salem has taken the time in the studio". He goes on to highlight "Roxy", "It's Only You Part II", "One of the Others" and "Astronaut" as the best tracks. Full review here.

Smålandsposten's Jonas Allgulin only gives the album 2 out of 5: "sequel to the woefully overestimated "This Is Who I Am". But behind the fine title song is the same boring music college soul. The whole is notoriously more important than the parts." Full review here.

There is also a very good new interview at Stockholm City - link here. And not only that, there is a rather nice photo of Salem (by Johan Jeppsson) attached to the article, which I liked so much I wanted to share it with you all here, if that's ok.

I also found another nice picture (by Claudio Bresciani/Scanpix) which again I thought you might want to see:

I'll post more review links tomorrow.

Don't forget that Salem will be at Bengans in Gothenburg on Thursday at 5.30 pm doing a signing session so if you're in Gothenburg then get along there and say hello!

If any of you lucky readers get the chance to meet Salem at any of the signing sessions let me know! I'd really love to meet him some day....!

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darkfairy said...

I am a bit annoyed at some of those people for giving salem a 3 out of five what the hell is that salem is a 5 out of five artist and soon everyone will know that I love the pics though he is so adorable his little happy go lucky personality really shines through his facial expressions and that is one of the many things I love about Salem. I'm not sure if he realises this but he is on a pedistal so high that all of us, the fans, the reviewers and everyone looks like ants. No one can knock him down because they don't have the strenght to and I don't think they never will:) OMG "One of the Others" I absolutely love that song it is almost my favourite Salem song (excusing This Is Who I Am ,Good Song, Count Me Out and It's Only You Part II)Salems lyrical abilites really have matured as I think once before his style was described as "childish" so I love that people think he is growing up. I love him either way but it's nice to know that people notice the little changes that he does. Sadly I checked my order's status and it still won't be with me for a few more days but I still have his first album to comfort me lol anyway I will e-mail you later on Europecrazy and speak a bit more about this.

Salem Love