Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Salem on Popcirkus

In case you missed it, Salem sang "It's Only You Part II", "Astronaut" and "Roxy".

He was amazing, wasn't he!! I've got butterflies in my stomach, it was so exciting seeing him again. I thought his band were great too, I notice he's expanded the line-up and now has backing vocalists too - Mats Karlsson was also in his band tonight along with Jesper Lagercrantz.

What about that new song "Roxy" then? It's got that very 1980s Van Halen-"Jump" kind of vibe to it. And what about those rather naughty lyrics!!

Just one more thing...who's Roxy????

I'll write more about this tomorrow as I need to watch it again!! Find it at , Salem's interview is about 35 minutes into the show and he's on stage later in the last half hour of the show.

Here's a couple of screencaps from tonight's show.


Helena said...


I just wanted to give you a heads up! I found Salems video for Astronaut!! Here it is:

//Helena :)

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks Helena!

I can't watch it just now as I'm at work, but I'll definitely watch it tonight and do a post about it later.

Jennifer said...

Yeah the roxy song was very 80's and very different from his last CD. But I loved it! Can't wait to hear the rest of the songs.

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Jennifer!

I loved "Roxy" too and I'm going back to SVT's site to watch Salem again tonight (of course).

I think this new CD is going to be so different from "This Is Who I Am" but that just shows how versatile he can be. It doesn't matter what musical style Salem does, he is always wonderful at it. I can't wait to hear the rest of the songs either.

Ola said...

Yeah, Roxy is just brilliant! A great hook in the refrain, goes straight into your head and stays there! Very Toto-ish, if you remember the west coast kings of 80-90's.
Btw, listening to Swedish Radio P3 right now, the show Morgonpasset, and Salem is back there again! I don't know if they are going to play any of his songs, but I sure hope so! Will keep you posted.
Tonight I'm going to buy ticket for his show in Göteborg April's going to be great!

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks for the info Ola, it seems that Salem just can't keep away from Morgonpasset - I wonder if there will be any more videos on YouTube like the last time? Let me know if you have any more info about Salem's appearance this morning.

I can't get "Roxy" out of my head either. Yes I remember Toto and I understand what you mean :)

Yes Gothenburg should be fantastic, only six weeks to go!!!