Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Countdown to "Astronaut"....


OK it's only two weeks to "Astronaut Day" which I have declared an international day of celebration on this website!! Of course the new single - the title track - is out now!!

Over at Salem's MySpace you can find a list of where to buy the single and album at this link here.

I've just been thinking about how exciting the next few weeks are going to be, and how it will be the absolute high point for Planet Salem. After 15 months of doing this website, I'm so happy that the album is finally on its way. Good things come to those who wait :) Maybe it will get an international release later in the year? As I've said before, if anyone has any information about that, please let me know either by comments or by email.

And then of course, I will be going to Gothenburg to see Salem live. And that's going to get its own little countdown too :)))

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