Friday, 27 March 2009

Interview at

There's a short but very interesting interview with Salem at the following link:

I've done a brief translation of some highlights of the interview here, as I thought you might like to read it.

Louise Olsson interviewed Salem at his signing session at Bengans in Gothenburg last week. In the interview, Salem said that he wanted to change his hairstyle, and that he's become more calmer as he's got older. He also said where there were a lot of old songs on the first album, it's all new songs on the second album.

Salem also said that people abroad - particularly English speakers - found it difficult to pronounce his surname so he decided just to shorten it to Salem on the second album. Although Salem wants to succeed abroad, he said it's not the main focus right now and sees it as a "side project".

Salem said that not all the songs on the album are about him, but they are about things he has observed.

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