Friday, 6 February 2009

Radio appearance today - did you hear it?

As I said in my earlier post I wasn't able to hear Salem live on Morgonpasset today, but I will check it out this weekend.

If you heard the show why not tell us what you think and leave a comment. I'd also appreciate if someone could translate what he said in his interview.


Edit 08.02.09: there's a couple of clips been posted at YouTube (by P3). At you can see Salem fooling around in the studio and being swept off his feet - literally - by one of the presenters.

I thought it was really funny when he tried to lift her up and throw her over his shoulder, only to realise it wasn't going to be so easy :))

Now there's a thought - getting carried away by Salem - what a very lucky lady!! :))))

There is also a clip at with Salem and the presenter doing a silly little song. And some body contact!

You can also listen to Friday's Morgonpasset show at click on the link to Friday 6 February's show. It's split into 6 parts,just go to the end of each one until you reach part 6 where you can find the interview with Salem, and the world premiere of "Astronaut" is about 11 minutes in. You will not be disappointed!


Focus on Life said...

Just thought I'd say hi from the North of England! Well thanks to the Volvo ad, I've just found Salem and your excellent Blog Laura. Its very rare I like something enough to look it up on t'internet but I think Its Only You Part II has hooked a lot of brand new listeners to this talented guy. Look forward to hearing more. Keep up the good work! Sharon

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Sharon!

Welcome to Planet Salem!! Glad you like the blog. Salem is indeed one very talented guy, I'm glad you've found out about his music and there's lots more to come. Keep on visiting the blog for more info! :))

Anonymous said...

The silly song is about hugging a person from behind, just like she does to Salem haha ^^

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks - I wasn't sure what that song was about, so that clears up the confusion for me :))

What a lucky lady - getting to hug Salem :)))))))