Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The countdown is on!

It's the "calm before the storm" just now, I expect Salem is rehearsing for the tour and getting ready for all the promotional appearances and events around the release of the album.

So, as there is no news at the moment I thought I'd begin my weekly countdown till the release of "Astronaut".


If anyone out there finds out about any forthcoming Swedish TV/radio appearances please let me know - I wonder what TV shows he will be appearing on to promote the album? I notice there's a new live music show on SVT called "Popcirkus" which I've been watching on the internet. I'd love to see Salem appearing on that show soon.

EDIT 05.02.09: If you haven't read the comments for this post, then here's a reminder that Salem will be on Swedish Radio P3's "Morgonpasset" tomorrow (Friday) morning and playing his new single. I'll be checking it out later and I'll do a separate post about this.


Ola J said...

Salem will appear on the Swedish national radio P3 tomorrow morning on the show "Morgonpasset" where he will be playing his new single for the first time!! The show is broadcasted between CET 06.31-10.00 (also on web radio), check out (click "Lyssna" to listen live).
I cannot read from the website which exact time he will appear, though. But it is possible to listen to it afterwards also if you click on "Sändningsarkiv". Be sure to check it out, I will! :-)

//Ola J

Malin said...

He is appearing in a radio show called Morgonpasset tomorrow at 6.30-10.00 on the swedish station p3.

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks Ola J & Malin for the news!

I'll have to listen later because (a) when the show begins, I'll still be asleep, and (b) when the show ends, I will be at my desk at work so I won't be able to hear it live tomorrow. :(( anyway I will listen afterwards, that's for sure!!

Anonymous said...

Salem will be on Popcirkus 4 mars =)

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks for the news about Popcirkus, I really appreciate it. If you have any more news about upcoming TV or radio appearances please let me know and I'll mention it on the site.