Thursday, 15 January 2009

Dear Salem, can we please have a live DVD soon?

Whilst I’m delighted about the news of Salem’s Swedish tour, I regret that I won’t be able to get over to Sweden for any of the shows this year due to financial/practical/transport/work/other reasons.

I’m sure that there are many of Salem’s growing audience of international fans who, like myself, would love to see Salem live but can’t make it over to Sweden.

Therefore, I think it would be a great idea if Salem released a live DVD, recorded at one (or more) of his forthcoming concerts.

Salem - if you or any of your people are reading this, can we have a live DVD soon?

It’s still my dream to see Salem play live one day: hopefully that dream will eventually come true.


Anonymous said...


There's a music price show called " P3 guld" on swedish television, SVT 1, at 9 o'clock tonight saturday. Maybe you could watch it on the internet? Maybe Salem is presenting an award? I don't know, it's a secret who the presenters are, but you could check it out if you want.


Anonymous said...

short interview with Salem on a blogg tv channel.Here is the adress:

look for the clip under the title: G. Clooney på oh no it's christmas.
several artists are intervied, Salem is at 2:18 in the interview

EuropeCrazy said...

1) Thanks Peter! I didn't catch the P3 Guldgalan tonight but will watch it later - I don't know if Salem presented any awards or not, can you let me know?

2) I saw the interview with Salem at would you be able to translate this for me as my Swedish isn't good? (Salem looked lovely as ever though, even with the short hair)