Thursday, 23 October 2008

Volvo, It's Only You, and a mystery solved

This is a commercial for the Volvo XC60 car, and it could provide the link to Salem's international breakthrough at last. The ad features "It's Only You Part II".

After our news that the song will be released in Norway, I've been doing some detective work once again on the internet and discovered some online retailers in Germany and Italy which will be selling the EP from its release date of 31.10.08 (or 03.11.08, depending what you read) which featuring the following tracks:

1. It's Only You (Part II)
2. It's True
3. Twelve Fingers (new song? instrumental? don't know)
4. Dream Girl

It's like a mini-greatest hits isn't it! Depending on the success of this I wonder if "This Is Who I Am" will be repackaged for Europe with the new version of "It's Only You"? I also notice that on the cover of the EP he is being billed as Salem and not Salem Al Fakir, and it states 'featuring music from the Volvo XC60 commercial'. The cover picture is taken from that "It's Only You" video, with Salem out in the forest, strangely obscured by a big ray of sunlight.

Norway, Germany, Italy...where next?

Thank you Volvo. This could be the start of something at last...

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