Thursday, 1 May 2008

Salem was on Swedish TV tonight...

on TV4's "Humorgalan" which I don't know much about but it sounds like a Swedish equivalent of a big charity TV show like "Comic Relief" which takes place here in the UK every couple of years. The proceeds of this comedy & music show go to Unicef, so it was all in a good cause.

No videos available just yet, I was trying to get some info about what he was singing. Putting two and two together in the absence of factual journalism it may have been "Black Sun, Black Moon" as I saw a comment on MySpace about that song. Does anyone have any more information about this? I'll keep checking TV4 and YouTube in my search for video evidence!!

EDIT 02.05.08: Yes it was definitely "Black Sun, Black Moon", lots of people searching for this today - and so am I!! Will someone somewhere post the video on YouTube if they have it? I must hear this song!

Oh and by the way...thanks for visiting!!


Anonymous said...

voila! here it is:

He sings about his best friend that got brutaly murdered this past winter.

By the way, he is my cousine.

EuropeCrazy said...

"Black Sun Black Moon" is such a beautiful song. I always thought it was a really sad song anyway but I had always tried to figure out who or what it was about. Now that you have explained this, it all becomes clear, and all the more heartbreaking because of that.

Many many thanks for visiting, and feel free to send any more comments, you are most welcome.