Monday, 5 May 2008

Proud and standing tall.

I have finally seen and heard "Black Sun, Black Moon", from last week's TV4 appearance, and all I can say is

I don't usually like this type of slow ballad, but Salem managed to produce three moving, compelling minutes (and a very abrupt ending!). I thought he sang brilliantly too.

This song is totally different from anything he's ever done before, it's quite a sad and emotional song, but the chorus was stuck in my head after just one listen. (It really has an anthemic, Robbie Williams 'Angels'-type quality to it, I can imagine people waving their hands in the air from side to side...!) I'm not sure how the final version will sound: on this occasion Salem was at the piano, backed by three violinists and two backing singers, but I think this song has the potential for a massive orchestral arrangement. (Or maybe that's just my mind wandering again).

Verdict: I like it, maybe not as much all my favourite tracks on "This Is Who I Am", but it shows a new emotional depth to Salem's music. It's just great to finally hear some new material from him. Well done.

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