Wednesday, 13 February 2008

"This Is Who I Am" revisited - tracks 7 to 9

7. "Jussi" (0.59): This is perhaps a significant nod to Salem's classical training and musical heritage, but apart from that it doesn't really sit well on this album. I haven't really revised my opinion of this one.

8. "Devil Look" (4.47): Propelled by funky guitars and honey-sweet vocal harmonies, the lyrics muse on the nature of temptation - "it's hard to say no when the devil looks at you". This could be about a relationship ("I gotta break up/before it's too late") or just life in general. This is like two songs in one - the last couple of minutes turn into an excessively mind-boggling psychedelic synth solo, with distorted voices in the background. I can imagine this just being fantastic in a live setting.

9. "Count Me Out" (3.23): Another real favourite of mine, and yet another one which clearly shows off a strong 70s musical influence - I mean that as a compliment! Soulful vocals, beautiful string arrangements (all Salem's own work of course), layered vocal harmonies and a truly brilliant brassy finale. The lyrics of this break-up song are again simple and straightforward and easy to identify with. All in all, a rather beautiful song.

Coming soon: tracks 10 to 12.

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