Wednesday, 13 February 2008

"It's True" remix on new Hed Kandi "Twisted Disco" compilation CD

OK I think I've just about given up now on the Axwell & Ingrosso vs Salem Al Fakir version of "It's True" ever getting a full commercial single release in the UK and doing some serious damage in the top 40.

I'd like to be proved wrong though eventually, in which case there will be one big party on this blog.

Anyway Dabruck and Klein's remix of the remix (!) is now appearing on the latest Hed Kandi "Twisted Disco" compilation CD. To be honest it's not really my favourite mix, I prefer the original Axwell and Ingrosso remix and that's the one I'd want as a hit single. Someday!


Anonymous said...

Found out about Salem through seeing the new Volvo advert - the minute I heard it I had to find out who was singing, etc. Found him eventually in You Tube singing 'Its only You' - brilliant, he's got the 'ingredients' just right in this song & video...more please...I can tell other people feel the same just by looking at the number of viewings logged on that song site - single would definitely 'soar' on the UK charts!
Due to this fansite went & viewed 'It's True' - although 'good' it's just got something missing that 'Its only You' has definitely got. 20 out of 10 for 'Its only You..' Thank you Salem...

EuropeCrazy said...

Glad you like "It's Only You" - it's great to see that people are finally discovering Salem's music thanks to the Volvo ad. I checked YouTube the other night and there's about 30,000 views of this video so that's brilliant.

Have you heard "Good Song" or "Dream Girl" yet? They are my two favourite Salem songs - just such a timeless feel about them.

It's been two years since those songs and "It's True" came out and Salem's songwriting has certainly developed since then. There is an amazing difference between the original version of "It's Only You" on his debut album and this new version. Although I loved the original I now love this new one even better. Indeed 50 out of 10!!!

And as for the UK charts....I've given up there. He's too good. I guess the only way he'd make the UK charts was if he made a record 'featuring Rihanna' :(

Thanks for visiting and keep checking the site for info on the new album due in 2009!

EuropeCrazy said...

Make that now 42,300 views on YouTube, and 25,800 listens at Salem's MySpace ( - there is a growing band of Salem fans out there in the world!!!!