Tuesday, 19 February 2008

"This Is Who I Am" revisited - tracks 13 to 15

The penultimate part of my review.

13. "Hymn" (2.24)
A real Disney-type feel to this one. This needs to get itself on a soundtrack album pronto. An impossibly pretty lullaby, irony-free and dripping with childlike innocence. Maybe too sugary sweet for some, but it will do for me.

14. "Damien and Bob" (1.36)
No track could be a bigger contrast than this one. The shortest vocal track on the album, and reminiscent of Nirvana-type grunge with a twist. Initially I didn’t like this, as I didn’t like the idea of Salem doing rock music. I did change my mind and now think this would be a very good idea indeed. (purely based on "Japanese Man", anyway!) It is the only song on this album to have its lyrics in the sleeve booklet, so that must have some significance. Demented brass and headbanging all the way.

15. "Good Song" (4.14)
And so to my favourite track on this album, my favourite track of 2007 and maybe even of all time, who knows? I've already said a lot on here and over at EuropeCrazy about this song, its feelgood factor and its clever and funny video. Interestingly it is the most fully formed traditional verse-chorus-verse song structure which Salem does not usually always follow. A modern classic yet it again sounds as if it was written in 1975 or thereabouts. Musically using everything at his disposal - notably piano and strings, and the ultimate singalong which always leaves me smiling.

Coming soon: the final two tracks, and the one that got away.

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