Sunday, 6 January 2008

Salem versus the mobile phones....the debate starts here!

Interesting comment by Salem in his Expressen interview today when he said that during a gig in Lund he had started playing "Good Song" and then stopped because of the number of people in the audience holding up their mobile phones to record this. He said that he was "enraged" that people were doing this.

I understand the point that Salem is trying to make, when good artistic efforts are diluted in this way, (and I certainly get annoyed at gigs when everyone is taking pictures or video on their phones yet you aren't even allowed to take a camera into a concert venue) however as long as this technology exists, and websites exist to allow such material to be uploaded, then it would appear to be a losing battle.

Since I discovered Salem's music 6 months ago, I visited YouTube and watched every single video posted there, whether official or not. The quality of these vary from good to extremely poor, but I'm still glad that they exist as it has given me the chance to see his promo videos and live performances - especially as I don't live in Sweden and therefore have never had the opportunity to watch him play live either at a concert venue or see him on television.

What I would really like Salem to do over the coming year or two - apart from the international launch and the release of the second album - is to bring out a live DVD, then we could all enjoy his top quality live performance on an equally top quality DVD instead of inferior mobile footage on YouTube!

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