Sunday, 6 January 2008

Firstly the Expressen prize, now the Expressen polls.

Ooh I love the Swedish tabloids' websites with all these polls to vote in!!

After the great news that Salem won the Spelmannen prize, Expressen asked its readers whether or not he deserved it. Well, it's not good news at the moment as 53% of voters say "nej" :-(( of course I wasn't one of those voters - it's a ja! from me...

There is another poll on the Expressen website asking "what's your favourite Salem Al Fakir song?"

Results stand like this at the moment:
"Good Song" - 45.4% (I voted for this as my favourite too)
"It's True" - 23.4%
"This Is Who I Am" - 21.3%
"Dream Girl" - 9.9% (thought this would have been higher?)

I don't know how long these polls usually run for, but I may check back tomorrow to see if the results have changed.

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