Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Salem nominated for 8 Swedish Grammy awards!!!

The full list of nominations for the Swedish Grammy Awards were announced today: but what we're really interested in is the fact that Salem Al Fakir's name turns up in no less than eight of the categories! Best Album, Best Composer, Best Song ("Good Song", of course), Best Male Artist, Best Newcomer, Best Producer, Best Lyricist and Best Live Act (the latter with Moneybrother and Sakert on the Parksommar tour).

After my slight disappointment yesterday about the P3 Guld awards, this cheered me up no end.

The only thing is that each category has a list of ten acts nominated by the jury, this list will now be narrowed down (in a public vote!) to five acts. I'm a bit concerned as he doesn't really have a solid fanbase as yet compared to some of the acts on the list, it has also struck me over recent months that he seems to be more popular with the critics & media than with the general public: even though his album has sold well, he still seems to be playing relatively small live venues, or maybe that's just the way it is in Sweden?

Anyway I will enjoy this moment today and hope that on the night of Wednesday 9th January 2008, he will be going home with at least one award. There would be no justice if he didn't win something!

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