Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Grammys: now comes the backlash

If you're over here reading this rant, then do not expect me to be unbiased.

I've been checking out some Swedish press articles since yesterday which have described Salem as 'overrated' and 'over-nominated'. The same Swedish press which have hyped him up all year and went on about how good he is.

FACT: Salem Al Fakir deserves each and every one of his eight Swedish Grammy nominations. OK so he's a newcomer and doesn't have the career longevity of the likes of Magnus Uggla, who controversially received no nominations, but genuine new musical talent should and must be recognised.

It's not just the press who have been commenting but also several websites have been joining in the backlash.

And another thing....I don't understand why, on his blog, Swedish singer Mauro Scocco dared to suggest that he's never met anyone who was able to hum one of Salem's songs. Eh?????

Anyway after last year's controversy when multiple Grammy winners The Knife didn't even turn up to the awards, we needn't worry that Salem will do a no-show. He told Svenska Dagbladet that he will be at Globen on 09.01.08. (We hope he'll not just be there, but be picking up as many awards as he can carry!)

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