Thursday, 19 January 2012

P3 Guld promo interviews

A new promotional interview with Salem has appeared in the Swedish media.

As we all know, Salem will present the P3 Guldgalan this coming Saturday in Gothenburg. Despite being previously nominated, Salem has never won anything at the P3 Guld awards - but said in the interview that he always wanted to win the award (known as the "Guldmicken") for the year's best live artist. Salem describes the P3 Guld awards as a very special event because of the connection between the radio listeners and the awards, and he feels at home there.

Salem also reveals in the interview that we're going to have to wait a bit longer for a new solo album - after working very hard over recent years and releasing three albums in four years, Salem took a long awaited break in 2011: "...I went from working 150 percent to 80-90%, but I found a great many fun collaborations over the last year.". Which included his book written with Pontus De Wolfe of course. The interview states that Salem will take time to figure out the next step in his career...

Meanwhile there's another interview over at

Salem talks about dogs, and breakfast, and his busy schedule in December and January. Salem also says that becoming a presenter is a new thing for him but he now feels confident to speak rather than play. "....It will be interesting, it's going to be exciting, it's a new experience."

I'm sure this will be a very successful experience for you Salem, and that you will be able to add "presenter" to your list of many talents. Good luck for Saturday night!

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