Saturday, 5 March 2011

Norrköping tonight!

There's a fabulous night ahead for all you lucky people who are going to Salem's concert at the Louis De Geer hall in Norrköping.

As you know, it'll be another orchestral collaboration. This time Salem and the band will be performing along with the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Hans Ek. There will also be a very special guest appearing tonight - none other than Petra Marklund a.k.a. September.

Petra and Salem are interviewed in today's Folkbladet:

Petra said: "Salem is such a talented artist and musician. With Symphony Orchestra and conductor Hans Ek, it became an attractive proposition. I could only say yes".

The interview states that "....(Salem) defends himself against being called "ambassador for classical music". Salem works instead to tear down the wall between classical music and popular music. He does not care about genres."

Salem: "Collaborations with orchestras are extremely fun......the orchestra is very involved, and we are as a single band. It will be a fairly long concert, we realized yesterday". When asked about working with Petra, Salem said "She is really nice and it feels great to be working. Then I play music again. I like to just play the piano and not always sing".

The interview also mentions a previous live visit to Norrköping for the "Munken In The Park" summer show: " is an event he remembers with particular horror - and that was important in the sense that he has learned from it.

Salem: "I forgot a lot of the lyrics. We had a crisis meeting afterwards. I had problems with concentration and was not happy afterwards. It was an insight. I fought hard after that to get the lyrics completely right".

Remember to get in touch - reviews, comments, set lists, photographs are all very welcome and I'll publish as many as I can.

Salem - good luck with the show!

This will be Salem's last show in Sweden until August, when he appears at Dalhalla - so I hope all of you have a very special night :))

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